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As an established marketing reseller for contact lenses worldwide, my-contactlens.com provides only the best in quality and trendy contact lenses. We provide contact lenses in various designs and colors, my-contactlens.com is recognized as a leading contact lens dealer.

At my-contactlens.com we believe in long-term relationship build with our customers, our pricing and After Sales Service to customers is upmost priority in our company that will benefit the buyers.

My-contactlens.com only deals with the best courier and delivery company, so customers are assured that delivery of products purchased are smooth and fast with a reasonable shipment price.

Users and customers of my-contactlens.com are also assured that any data and information are well secured as my-contactlens.com is hosted under a Secure Server equipped with the latest technology to prevent their personal information from leaking.

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My-contactlens.com is a marketing arm sells contact lenses and other related products online/in an e-business environment. Customers are required to obtain a valid prescription by their Optometrist or Optician before placing order on this web site and confirm that the order placed is in accordance to the said valid prescription as stipulated by their Optometrist or Optician.