Stoper Pepper Spray Maximum Strength  

Stoper Pepper Spray Maximum Strength

USD 16.80 / pack (1 unit in a pack)

Manufactured by Stoper Industries

Normal Retail Price USD 26.00
Our Discounted Price USD 16.80 only
INSTANT SAVING of up to USD 9.20


Stoper Pepper Spray Maximum Strength Contact Lens Information:-

Included inside: Include convenient carrying holster 
Availaibility: In Stock Usually ships within 2 business days 

Stoper Pepper Spray causes severe burning sensation in the eyes and respiratory system.  It causes the eyes to close involuntarily, tears, running nose, coughing, difficult in breathing and a stinging sensation on the skin.  


  • Instantly disable attackers
  • 8-foot (2.4m) spray range
  • Fires up uo 5X longer that other brand
  • Contain approximately 25 bursts
  • Licence approved by Malaysian Royal Police (KPN (PR) 61/5/7)
  • 2 years expiry date

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