Contact Lens Cleaner HL600  

Contact Lens Cleaner HL600

USD 7.80 / box (1 set in a box)

Manufactured by Kaida Industries, China

Normal Retail Price USD 12.50
Our Discounted Price USD 7.80 only
INSTANT SAVING of up to USD 4.70


Contact Lens Cleaner HL600 Contact Lens Information:-

Included inside: The lens cleaner USB cable 1 lens tweezer and its casing 
Availaibility: In Stock Usually ships within 2 business days 

The size of our contact lens cleaner is 104*71*41mm


First, remove the contact lens dual case and unscrew the cap, detailer the contact lens care solution to calibration. Then put the contact lens into contact lens dual case accurately, make it completely soaked in the contact lens care solution, and screw the cap.

Install the 1.5V7# battery to the bottom, and cover the panels, in order to protect the service life, it is better to remove the battery when not in use.

Cover the dual case cap, put the dual case into the groove of contact lens cleaner and tighten it up.

Press the switch and the washing machine will begin to work, when you hear the sound of “MMMM…”, it means that it is working properly.

When need to stop, press the switch again, it means that the power is cut off and it is stopping working. Then you can remove the contact lens, and use it after washing with contact lens care solution.
Clean the whole washing machine directly is forbidden, in case of damaging the circuit.
Never use soap or detergents.

If eyes appear the phenomenon such as stimulating redness and swelling, remove the contact lens immediately and consult an eye doctor.

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