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   - Freshkon Mosaic
   - Geo Super Nudy
   - Barbie Eye Super Nudy
   - ColourVue Glamour ( 3 Tone )
   - FreshLook Colorblends
   - Tutti Circle
   - Air Optix for Astigmatism
   - Biofinity Contact Lenses
   - Dizon Eye
   - Blincon Color Lens
   - Freshkon Alluring Eyes
   - Colourvue Crazy Lens
   - MaxVue HDX 55
   - Colourvue Perfect Blend 3 Tone
   - Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism
   - Acuvue 2
   - Blincon Color Lens for Astigmatism
   - ColourVue Quarterly Big Eyes
   - ColourVue Quarterly Fusion
   - Colourvue Star & Jewel
   - Crystal.i
   - Dolly Eye Series
   - Dreamy.i
   - Focus Dailies Clear Lens
   - Focus Monthly CLear Lens
   - Geo 3 Tone
   - Geo Angel Eyes
   - Geo Nudy
   - Geo Nudy Celeb Plano
   - Geo Wing Series
   - PureVision Toric
   - Tutti Circle Black
   - Colourvue Big Eye
   - Geo Super Nudy Plano (Green & Violet)
   - Acuvue Oasys
   - Freshkon Colors Fusion
   - Colourvue Fusion
   - FreshLook ONE-DAY
   - Pop.c - Pop Culture
   - Acuvue Define

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  Facebook fan Page                    - Get product updates and also tips and tricks on contact lenses. | Twitter    - About, our vision and company mission. is a marketing arm sells contact lenses and other related products online/in an e-business environment. Customers are required to obtain a valid prescription by their Optometrist or Optician before placing order on this web site and confirm that the order placed is in accordance to the said valid prescription as stipulated by their Optometrist or Optician.